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Grounds & Services

Grounds & Services

Front-end Development

  • HTML & CSS Development
  • Design Responsive Converting
  • JavaScript Development
  • CSS Frameworks Adaptation
  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • SEO & Performance Optimization

With our well-chosen web development tools, frameworks and programming languages we deliver the optimal balance between UX/UI and server-side project requirements within our front-end development services.

Our team consists of people that have a passion for details in usability, interactivity, and web animation, providing the most innovative, unique and welcoming solutions that catch the user’s eye in an instant.

Realizing the importance of balancing creativity along with backend requirements allows us to naturally carry out your graphic ideas and technical needs in the process of front-end development.

Operating Stage

Back-end Development

  • Back-end for Web App
  • Database Design
  • API Integration
  • WordPress Back-end Solutions
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Audit & Optimization

We provide back-end development that deems compatible with all modern requirements and suitable for scalable web projects of any complexity for personal or business needs.

Our team consists of skilled web developers that understand the technicalities of designing a backend part of your project. With the usage of up-to-date tools and approaches, we are stocked up to provide the finest of solutions, as well as the possibility of integration with third-party services and apps.

No sacrifices or compromises are made when it comes to the process of back-end development and functionality of these dynamic and high-performance products. Regardless of how big or small your company is, our services are one click away.

Operating Stage

UI/UX Design

  • Design Research
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Website Design
  • Web Application Design
  • Themes & Templates Design

To achieve the required goals and engage users, our team designs functional, attractive and responsive user interfaces on different platforms and devices. With arising competition, our astute strategies emerge to the very top.

Wireframing stands as the structure around which we lay the foundation and bricks of layout, color schemes, and innovative styles that make the user experience enjoyable.

We continually work on marrying UI and UX together, to ensure improvement of conversions. We make sure the attractive designs hold them captive for long providing smooth interaction between users and the final product!

Operating Stage

WordPress Development

  • Websites Development
    Themes & Plugins Development
    WooCommerce Solutions
    Plugins Integration
    WordPress Theme Adaptation

We strive to deliver a WordPress solution guaranteeing further unhindered integration with other platforms and third-party plugins and services. Our development expertise in WordPress adapts to provide the most optimized code, security and accessibility for top-tier performance.

For optimal results, our team works to provide our own custom solutions or customize any unique themes or plugins that fit your requirements and business’ goals.

Focusing on WordPress, we develop websites, plugins and themes of any complexity as well as optimization, support and maintenance of previously created projects.

Operating Stage

Related Services

  • Web Animation
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Creation of Dedicated Teams
  • Bugfixing & Optimisation

Web development requirements don’t stay the same and can cover a number of factors. We help you decide what the optimum digital proficiency and technology stack is for your project.

Regardless of the technology used, or the development methodology, our team provides complementary services during each phase of the project.

We utilize proficient DevOps solutions that allow us to control all delivery processes and automate the critical steps in the workflow. Our web development processes are optimized in order to build, test, release, and manage heavy workloads more efficiently.

Atop of that, we also make sure that the final product can be optimized, supported, as well as maintained even after it has been released

Operating Stage

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